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Project Kindness 2019-2020 Presents: CCS Got Talent - Art Show Registration
Event Timing: February 20, 2020
Event Address:

1. Must be a student of CCS
2. Must have a theme of Kindness
3. No inappropriate language or innuendo.
4. All submissions are to be on a 11X14 frame size
5. Submissions and Selections will go as follows:
- Participants will register through this link.
- Those participating will submit their final product to their school’s art teacher by February 7, 2020
- Each school’s art teacher will determine the top two submissions and will submit them to the Anti-Bullying Task Force
(ABTF) Chair, Kristy Newitt by February 13, 2020.
- The ABTF committee will determine three finalists from each school level to compete in the final art show by February
14, 2020 and will notify those selected.
- A 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Voter's Choice winners will be chosen on February 20, 2020, by a panel of community judges
and awarded Ribbons and other prizes.
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I understand that I am not guaranteed to be selected as a finalist for the CCS Got Talent Art show on February 20th. I also understand and agree to all of the competition rules/guidelines. *
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