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Poole Park Play
Please see designs on our webpage for new playgrounds in Poole Park, designed by Jupiter Play and funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Consultation for play took place in 2016 as part of the Development Phase of the project and the new designs are based on the results of the public feedback we heard at that consultation.
We would now like your thoughts on the exciting new designs and need your help on certain elements!
Thank-you for your feedback and we hope that you enjoy the new playgrounds when they are installed by Easter 2021.
Please visit the website below to see the designs in detail and learn more about the project.
'The Plant Explorers Playground'
This is the smaller playground next to the Ark Cafe and is aimed at younger children up to around 9 years old. The new exciting theme is based on Victorian plant hunters who travelled to rural China to collect plant and tree specimens to bring back to England. A number of plants and trees found in the park are a result of those original discoveries!

Please note that we plan to keep equipment that remains in good working order including the swings, talking pipes and the wooden train. The sandpit will also stay, but will be extended and include some exciting new play pieces. Parts of the design have been left clear where existing trees are in place, which will continue to provide shelter and additional interest.
What do you think of The Plant Explorers playground design?
The Plants Explorers Playground - We will be keeping the wooden train and propose to repaint it. What colour palette would you choose?
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The Jungle Playground
This is for the larger playground nearest to the town centre entrance and is designed for older children, including adults who wish to join in! Once again it is based on Victorian plant hunters, but this time tackling the jungle to search for their specimens!

The design aims to meet a number of needs including challenging play, accessing views up high, sensory play, opportunities for socialising as a group, accessible play for all and feeling a sense of adventure.
What do you think of The Jungle Adventure Playground design?
The Adventure Jungle - The endangered species sculpture trail. A local artist has been commissioned to carve 7 sculptures for a pathway through the playground. Which 7 animals would you like to see?
The Adventure Jungle - Scramble through the jungle and discover the ruins of the ancient temple! What name would you choose for the temple?
The Adventure Jungle - What colours would look best for the tall wooden posts on the perilous journey to the ancient temple?
The Adventure Jungle - Design the balancing snake! Choose which snake is slithering around the basecamp!
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Thank-you for taking time out to give your thoughts on the new playground designs for Poole Park. The results will be fed back into the design process before final designs are put into action, aiming for installation of new playgrounds by Easter 2021.
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