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Bamberg County Time Capsule Ambassador Program Application
Bamberg County Time Capsule Ambassador Program
The Bamberg County Time Capsule Ambassador Program is designed to recognize the importance of Bamberg County history and heritage and to encourage patriotism, community involvement, and education in our county's youth. The time capsule will be placed by the new courthouse annex and dedicated in July 2016. There are no specific directed duties or responsibilities, however:

The appointed Ambassadors are encouraged to:

1. Be present at the Time Capsule Interment Ceremony in July 2016 (exact date to be announced in June).
2. Remain aware of historical events in Bamberg County during the 50 year cycle of the Time Capsule interment.
3. Be present and participate at the Time Capsule dis-interment which is scheduled for July 2066.
4. Assist in the disposition/display of the items brought from the time capsule in 2066.
5. Participate in the selection of the items to be interred for another fifty year cycle beginning 2066.
6. Participate in the re-interment of the Time Capsule for another fifty year cycle beginning 2066.

The Ambassadors will nominate their replacement to the Time Capsule committee in 2066 for the next 50 year cycle. The Ambassadors will receive recognition collectively at the July 2016 internment and hopefully in the year 2066.

This information will not be distributed, will not be made public, and will only be used for contact information and for placement in the time capsule. However, the Ambassadors' individual names and likenesses may be distributed to the media on the Bamberg County website, in press releases, and in captions for photos from the time capsule event.

DEADLINE: All applications must be received by Friday, June 10, 2016, for full consideration. Mail completed printed application to Bamberg County Time Capsule, C/O Mallory Biering, PO Box 149, Bamberg, SC 29003

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Thank you for your interest in the Bamberg County Time Capsule Ambassador Program! We'll be in touch soon!
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