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Signature page for spring 2019
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I have read the section of the syllabus that refers to tardies, I realize these can cause a work option assignment
I have read the section on the risks of being a plagiarizer .
I have read the section on cell phones and realize that there is a time and a place for their use, Their inappropriate use may cause a loss of points and the phone to be taken away and picked up from the office. *
I am aware that the grades are final on the last day of the semester.
I am aware of the grade breakdown and understand that the grades are calculated the the hundredths place and will not be rounded *
I am aware that the CHROMEBOOK is a tool that the student should bring daily,charged and in working order. *
I understand that all written assignments that are over 200 words in length will be required to be turned in electronically through turnitin and be printed and turned in. *
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