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Gender Justice LA Partnership Inquiry
Thank you for your interest in partnership with Gender Justice LA!

Below, you will find GJLA's mission and organizational values - we encourage you to read this prior to filling out this partnership request form so that you can self-select if our organization is the best fit to partner with.

Please be sure to fill out the form completely, and we will contact you once your partnership request has been submitted.

General questions can be directed to our Admin Page at  (Cc our Executive Director, Ezak Perez at  
Programs and Campaigns inquires can be directed to our Campaign Coordinator Ace Anaya at

About Gender Justice LA:
Gender Justice LA (GJLA) is a grassroots organization that is building the the power of the transgender and gender non-conforming community here in Los Angeles (Tongva Land). GJLA is led by and for gender non-conforming, two spirit and Black, Indigenous, trans people of color (BIPOC).

We organize, hold space, provide resources and collaborate with others so that our communities can: resist oppression, develop community responses to violence, heal from present & historical trauma, and come together in ways that feel brave & affirming.

We use community organizing and leadership development to make concrete changes in the lives of all transgender (trans) and gender non-conforming (gnc) people, especially low-income Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). We are invested in building our community's collective power to fight for racial, gender and economic justice.  

GJLA Organizational Values:
SOCIAL JUSTICE: Committed to organizing and uplifting gender, racial, economic and disability justice framework.
CENTERING: Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Transgender, & Gender Non-Conforming people, specifically those most marginalized.
SELF-DETERMINATION: Gender policing is a form of state violence. We push back against the criminalization of our people. We determine our own gender/genderless paths and are committed to trans liberation in our lifetime.
TRANSPARENCY: For all members, systems, campaigns and programs of GJLA to be transparent.  This includes transferring & receipt of knowledge and power broadly across internal and external relationships.
HEART-CENTERED:  Struggling together with love, care and authenticity to, and come together in ways that feel brave & affirming. Commitment to self care & community care practices that sustain us for the long haul.
ABOLITION: We do not work with or engage with cops, period!  We believe the prison-Industrial Complex (PIC) and the carceral state at large are harmful to our existence.  Our work centers those who are system impacted.  
HEALING & WELLNESS: Heal from past, present & historical trauma, and come together in ways that feel brave and affirming.
ARTIVISM: We use art as a tool for social change.  We integrate play through practices of imagination, and dreaming / visioning of a new world.

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