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專題攝影體驗課Introductory Class on Photography
攝影最重要是相機背後的技術,只要你掌握攝影技巧,相信你無論手握著甚麼相機也沒難度!於3月23日 #升學及職業發展資訊日 葉志剛先生將教你專業攝影的基本技巧與理論,對攝影有興趣的你,不要錯過!

講者: 葉志剛先生 (多媒體創作人、專業攝影師公會比賽得獎者)
內容: 攝影者從框架裡建構其對事物的看法,完美的構圖佈局能牽動觀看者對影像解讀的好奇心,亦增強圖像的耐觀價值。學習構圖技法,強化視覺語言能力,這就是學習攝影的基本。
時間:下午12時 - 下午1時
地點: 新特蘭大學香港分校-中環雲咸街1-3號南華大廈7樓,7C班房
語言: (TBC)

Education & Careers Day @University of Sunderland in Hong Kong
Topic: Introductory Class on Photography
Date & Time: 23 March, 12pm-1pm
Address: Room 7C, 7/F South China Building, 1-3 Wyndham Street, Central, H.K
Speaker: Mr. Dino Paul Ip (Multimedia producer, winner of HKIPP awards)
Content: Photographer works with frame to construct his/her own visuals. A good composition can arouse viewers’ curiosity, also enhance the readability and understanding to the images. Be skilful in composition techniques and to strengthen the ability of visual language, are the foundation of photographic study.
Language: TBC

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