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ProSUM. Survey on end-user requirements. Tell us how the platform should look!
The ProSUM project will deliver the First Urban Mine Knowledge Data Platform (EU-UMKDP) , a centralised database of all available data and information on arisings, stocks, flows and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), end-of-life vehicles (ELVs), batteries and mining wastes. The EU-UMKDP will hold the data and it will be accessed via a user-friendly portal which will allow for data filtering, advanced searches, statistics computation, automated report generation and visualisations. We would like to get feedback from potential users. How would you like to get data from the platform? in which format should the data be? etc.  Please help us understand your needs by filling out this survey.
Please download the following presentation to get more background on this topic. 
Please contact our ProSUM partner for any queries abou this survey (
We thank you for your time and participation!
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Contact details
Optional, but will be appreciated in order to contact you if you make any enquiry or suggestion
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End-user enquiries and representation of data
Please indicate how you would like to see data represented in the platform. You can find some slides with a clear description of the charts here 
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Slightly Relevant
Highly Relevant
1.1 Key elements by concentration in the top products
1.2 Elements in the waste flow at different points of value chain
2.1 Key element in the stock
2.2.a Key element in the stock of materials by waste type, and then mapping of…
2.2.b historic trends with years
3. forward prediction trends with years
4.1a Average lifetime of products
4.1b Average lifetime of elements (calculated across all products?)
4.1c Average lifetime of products by PO date
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Method of interrogating the data platform
Different levels of access. What type of user would you see yourself as?
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Occasional Visitors (few times a year to obtain headline information that is already gathered for them)
Expert Users (regularly use to obtain information about specific streams / components and elements in those streams)
"Super” Users (aiming to use raw data for developing further data analysis)
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Having different types of users may require specific access rights. Would you expect to have access to it? if yes, in what terms and conditions?
How would you like form a query in the portal?
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How would you like to have access to the data? (select more than one option if needed).
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