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2016-17 San Rafael Chamber Business Retention and Expansion Program Survey
The City of San Rafael, San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business Improvement District and Marin Economic Forum are reaching out to key businesses in San Rafael, yours being one of them, to help identify any obstacles or common themes for businesses operating in our city. This information helps us build awareness of the issues that impact economic vitality in San Rafael. Response information will be provided in the form of a report to the City of San Rafael to build awareness of the issues that affect local businesses. All answers will remain confidential.

This survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. You may receive a follow-up call for quality control purposes.

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1. What industry/classification would your business fall under? (based on the North American Industry Classification System, NAICS Select all that apply.
2. How many full-time employees do you have? (locally)
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3. Where are the majority of your customers coming from? (choose one)
4. Is your San Rafael location your company headquarters, branch office or single location?
5. How long has your business been in San Rafael?
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5a. Is your current location meeting your needs?
5b. If you answered No to the last question, why not?
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6. How is your business performing compared to last year?
6a. Please share any comments about your business performance compared to last year
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7. What is the single most important challenge facing your business? (choose one)
8. What suppliers are missing in this area? (please list)
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9. Do you feel your wage range is above, at, or below the national average?
10. What wage range are you having the most trouble attracting talent for?
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11. What do you like about doing business in San Rafael? (choose one)
12. Which of the following areas do you believe, if addressed, would most improve local business conditions? (choose one)
13. Please share with us some of the things that make you proud to do business in San Rafael.
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