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Country Director Application Form
We are looking for 3 candidates, one living in Germany, another in Spain and another in the UK and in the USA who:  
- Can develop and execute strategies to grow ELLA’s community of queer women and nonbinary people in their country
- Can develop and delegate tasks within their team to handle the marketing, design and communication aspect as well as to produce authentic, interesting and informative social media content
- Will engage directly with their audience
- Are proficient with major social media and crowdfunding platforms
- Can establish a trustworthy, informative and consistent voice and image for the ELLA brand in their country
- Fluency in English as well as German (if in Germany), Spanish (if in Spain). Any additional language is a plus.

The ideal candidate must be:
- A queer woman or nonbinary person with invested interest in supporting women and nonbinary people in their local queer community.
- Communicative, attentive, organized, honest, creative and reliable.
- Very involved in their community as activists, volunteers, academics, professionals, entrepreneurs, etc.
- Keen to regularly research local movements, events, partners, organizations, resources and so on.
- Incredibly passionate about community building and dedicated to networking, collaboration and human rights
- Knowledgeable of and interested in providing content and organizing events for all queer women and nonbinary people of all backgrounds

This is a remote, freelance position that will require frequent communication with the team on Slack. The candidate must live in Germany, Spain or UK.

Negotiable dependent upon experience

Minimum 1 year (with trial period of 1-3 months)

1. The CD may manage the German, Spanish or UK market-side of the APP. Specific tasks for the APP are to be determined and will be discussed when the time comes.
2. The CD is responsible for developing their team (searching for and interviewing candidates to add to their team, dependent upon how they see fit/how they'd like to organize their team)
a. The CD is responsible for managing their team and making sure that their work is done correctly and that their team also abides by ELLA’s values and Manifesto.
3. This person is in charge of and responsible for developing and handling the ELLA brand, the local ELLA events and the entire country for all ELLA related initiatives.
a. An ELLA event would be an ELLA Festival, ELLA Talks and any other activity in that segment.  
b. ELLA related initiatives would be Instagram, Facebook and Meetup.
c. 1 Meetup and 1 ELLA Talk has to be organized every month.
4. The CD is tasked with mapping out stakeholders, developing partnerships and budget management.  
5. The Country Director will be in frequent communication with their Social Media Strategist, Community Manager and Community Coordinator.
6. On the first Friday of each calendar month, this person will have a meeting with the ELLA HQ to further discuss results from analytics as well as checking in on campaigns, discussing any issues or questions there may be, etc.
7. The Country Director will organize weekly check-in meetings with their local team. This meeting will be the time for each member to discuss what they’ve done in the past week and what they will do that current week.
8. Be the representative of ELLA in their country / the intermediary between ELLA, the government and private sector, and the queer women and nonbinary people’s community of your country.
9. Encourage participation, promote and create the growth of the ELLA community in your country.

- Ability to produce strategic plans
- Excellent ability to manage and communicate information quickly and accurately
- Highly organized and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and delegate tasks to team members
- Excellent attention to detail
- Strong commitment to organization’s mission and values, with an understanding of diverse populations and a desire to always learn more
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in German or Spanish and English
- Demonstrable medium/large-scale events organized
- 2-3+ experience acquiring sponsors and funders and managing those partnerships
- 2-3+ years minimum of professional event-organization and community building experience
- Knowledge of crowdfunding and grants, both applying for and executing

Dependent upon availability and profile. This is a **freelance part-time ** position of approximately 25-30 hrs per week.

If this sounds like the job for you, we’d love to hear from you! Please fill out this Application Form and send your CV to ELLA Global Community at with “Country Director” in the subject line.

This organization encourages queer women and nonbinary people who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color and/or with disabilities to join. ELLA provides equal opportunities to all applicants and expressly prohibits any form of harassment based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, age or disability.
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What are your hobbies? What really interests and intrigues you? What do you love to do and/or think about? *
How long have you been actively involved in the local and/or global queer community? Explain in some detail how you have been involved: *
What do you feel is the current narrative and discourse around queer women and nonbinary people in your country? What kind of stigmas exist, what kind of discrimination exists and so on? *
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