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Interested in helping #WeNeedDiverseBooks?
You're in the right place!
We're excited you want to join us. Here's some important info to note.
#WeNeedDiverseBooks began as a social media campaign, but has grown to be an active force for positive change—as the original team members intended. We're excited that you want to unite with us to diversify children's literature.

In order for us to best accomplish our mission, it is important that our message is consistent, our actions are considered thoughtfully, and our awareness of issues and events is broad. This means that:

1) Anyone volunteering or assisting a project of the campaign agrees to familiarize him/herself with our mission statement, accurate statistics of the campaign, and FAQs - all posted at Any questions regarding the WNDB initiative or events should be directed toward an official team member.

2) Volunteers, supporters, and "friends" of the campaign are NOT authorized to speak to the media as a representative of #WeNeedDiverseBooks without permission from our official campaign team. Please direct all media inquiries about WNDB to the PR team. Do not contact people using a campaign title or "on behalf of" WeNeedDiverseBooks, or imply a connection to the campaign without our written consent.

3) Self-promotion of books and personal opinions need to remain separate from your involvement with the campaign.

4) Re-blogging/Tweeting/Sharing our links and images is OK, but saving or modifying images for your own use, personal or commercial, may be restricted due to copyrights or media permission (especially of minors). You must obtain written permission before saving or modifying a campaign graphic, image, video, sound clip, or logo.

Thank you for helping our message to be consistent and professional. This is how we will effect the most change.

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