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Freestyle Poke Team Interest Form

“Poke with a Purpose” is our ethos. At Freestyle Poke, we are about more than high quality, good tasting food; we believe in putting people before profit. Rather than viewing our team as a resource, or in other words something that gets ‘used’ for a benefit , we see our team as a “source” of contribution and unleash them from the old paradigms of dictatorship-like businesses . We provide a space where each member has a voice and the opportunity to contribute and influence decisions at any level, where ideas or directives no longer come from the only the top down but are continually generated amongst the collective, where we treat each other with respect, where communication is transparent and where gossip IS NOT allowed to be spoken or listened to, where we hold each other to high levels of accountability, where communication between members and conflict resolve has a framework and set of rules so that bureaucracy dies and efficiency lives, where we operate the business as a community rather than a monarchy . “Poke with a Purpose” is our way of transforming the way people perceive, think and go about doing their work. We believe you have a lot to offer the World and that your voice matters. This is who we are, this is what we are about.


1.Love Yourself
- Nourish your Mind and Body
2. Acknowledge Others
- Show people they matter
3. Help Each Other Grow
- Build winning relationships for our team, customers, community and suppliers
4. Communicate with Authenticity
- Be clear, responsible and truthful in your communication
5. Be Compassionate
- Seek to understand and help others.
6. Keep Your Integrity
- Align your actions with your word

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What do you do to take care of yourself? *
What do you know about the following things : Poké bowls, vegan diet, vegetarian diet, paleo diet, and ketosis ? *
What does it mean to be part of a team ? How do you resolve conflict with someone on a team ? *
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What is your the biggest obstacle or challenge in your life that prevents you from achieving what you most want ? *
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