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Mega Ice Fun Moment-團體溜冰優惠查詢表格Group Skating Discount Request Form

We welcome all bookings from schools, groups and company to Mega Ice! Group admission and skate rental is included for any one of our scheduled public skate sessions at a discounted rate. If you have 20 or more entry, you can enjoy the Fun Moment discount! Please fill in the request form and we will reply as soon as possible, thanks

聯絡人姓名 Contact Person
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聯絡人稱謂 Title
聯絡電話 Contact Number
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聯絡電郵 Email
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團體溜冰資料 Group Skating Information
參加日期 Skating Date
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溜冰時間 Skating Time
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學校或機構名稱School / Organization / Group Name
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參加人數 Number of participants
必須20人或以上 Must be 20 participants or above
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年齡/ 就讀年級 Age Group / Grade
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備註 Remarks (如有 If any)
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注意事項 Notice
We will reply and confirm your booking once we receive your request. Please send email to if you have any question.

Please send email to if there is any change of above information

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