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Fall 2019 Women's Workshop Registration
Time: Tuesdays, October 8 through November 19 at 7pm- 8:30 pm
Address: First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown, 101 Bridgeboro Rd, Moorestown, NJ 08057
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How much do you enjoy speaking in public? *
How much do you think being a better public speaker will help you in your future? *
Do you have any previous experience with any of the following? (Check all that apply) *
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What is your highest education level? *
Overall, how would you rate your public speaking skills? *
How much do you enjoy public speaking *
Do you have any previous experience with the following (Check all that apply)
What do you fear most about public speaking in public? Check all that apply *
How much do you think being a better public speaker will help you? *
How important are the skill sets listed below? *
Very important
Somewhat important
Not very important
Getting on stage
Discovering your tells
Having a stronger stage presence
Commanding the stage
Becoming a Stand Up Comedian
Becoming an actor
Becoming a poet
Presenting your own work
Improving interview skills
Learning what speaking tools work best for you
How much do you mostly agree with the following? *
Strongly Agree
I have a general understanding of my tells (nervous habits)
I have am aware of my stage presence (poise, articulation, eye contact)
I know what speaking aids (note cards, posters, prompters) work best for me
I have my own unique voice
I will improve my public skills if I practice
I care what people think of me
I feel confident in new situations
My self esteem is generally high
I speak up for myself at home
I speak up for myself in school teachers/administrators
I speak up for myself with friends
I will share an unpopular opinion
If someone says something that makes me feel uncomfortable, I am most likely to: *
Name any speakers/ influencers/ leaders/ athletes/ you like and why.
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What is the one thing you would like to achieve through Ladies OUT LOUD?
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For maximum benefit, we ask participants to attend all sessions. Please indicate if you are unable to attend (November 12th Graduation is mandatory!) *
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Registration for the Ladies OUT LOUD Women’s Workshop is both non-refundable and non-transferable.  Once you submit your registration, the workshop fee is due and payable in full and will not be refunded.  Your attendance at the stated workshop is mandatory, and your registration may not be delayed or transferred to a future workshop.  Likewise, your registration is personal to you and may not be transferred to any other person.  Should you have any questions about this policy, please contact the Program Director prior to submitting your registration. *
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