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Le Triskelion's BDSM A to Z Checklist
Checklists are frequently difficult to complete due to the complex variety to what we enjoy. When we try to fill them out as Tops, Bottoms, Dominants, Submissives, etcetera there is usually confusion over fetishes that aren't physically interactive between partners or over activities that may not clear as to who is giving and who receiving. A sincere effort has been made here to reduce this kind of confusion, but bdsm checklists will never be perfect enough that you won't probably have to go to your partner and confer about how to answer at least one item. Take it as a blessing in disguise - a bdsm checklist is only supposed to get a conversation started. That's what the tool is made for. Remember, it's just a beginning to negotiation, not an end in itself.

? Curious Maybe you're never tried this, or only once, and want to experience more before deciding how much you like it.
! Essential This is something that you can't see yourself enjoying a scene/date/relationship without.
5 Love You love doing whatever it is.
4 Like You like doing whatever it is.
3 Don't Mind You can take this or leave it, but will probably do it for your partner.
2 Dislike You dislike this but will put up with it for your partner.
1 Hate You hate this but will put up with it for your partner.
× Soft Limit Something you cannot attempt at this time but might be possible in the future.
X Hard Limit Something you will not ever attempt.
/ Not Applicable Actions that are physical impossibilities.

Receiving: Action done to SELF
Giving: Action done to OTHERS

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Remember folks: PLAY SAFE!

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