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Trophy Lakes DISC-GOLF PLAYER Database

This form is intended to build a database for all customers, new and old who play disc-golf at Trophy Lakes on Johns Island in South Carolina.

If you play, have played, or might play DG at Trophy Lakes, please fill this form out so we can do our very best in getting your discs back to you that have been recovered from the lake, and also so we can continue serving loyal customers in the best way possible.

After completion, this database will help provide a more timely and efficient streamlined method for Trophy Lakes to inform you that your disc has been recovered, and will improve the chances that you will get your disc back.

--------------------- 2017 Disc Recovery Process -----------------------

If your disc is recovered from the lake by the divers, you will receive both a Text and Email to inform you we have found your disk. After being notified, you have 4 weeks to come to the pro-shop to collect you disc. It will be stored on our recovered disc racks only accessible by TL staff or authorized persons.

The recovery fee will be $2 for CDGC members and $3 for non-members.

In order for TL to maintain a high level of integrity, we request that you be physically present and show valid ID to get your disc back. We can no longer allow for discs to be picked up by a 'friend' - as it would compromise our integrity in the disc recovery process.

TL will keep recovered discs for a minim of 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, any un-claimed recovered discs will be placed in "Used Disc" bin for re-sale.

Thanks in advance in your help and understanding! We are looking forward to a great 2017!

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