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35屆金山灣區華人運動大會 現場繪畫寫生比賽報名 TCAAT The On-site Drawing Contest Registration (2019)
1、報名方式及截止日期 : 請上網報名 : 網上報名將於6/20 11:59pm 關閉。
2、報到地點 : Cupertino High School 運動場繪畫組帳棚處報到並領取報名學生名牌及畫紙。
10100 Finch Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014
3、報到時間 : 6/23 日 9:00am – 9:30am之前請到繪畫報到處報到並領取畫紙。
4、作畫地點 : Cupertino High School 運動場司令台或會場。
9:45am 報到後請至運動場集合。10:00am現場繪畫學生及家長將參與開幕式分列式(組隊走過司令台)然後上
5、主題: 運動大會
6、畫紙 : 必須使用大會提供的畫紙 ( 11”x 14”紙張),於報到時領取。
7、材料自備 : 請自行攜帶材料用具,畫板等工具,繪圖顏料(蠟筆、彩色鉛筆、鉛筆、水彩等均可)。
8、作畫時間 : 10:20am -- 12:30pm 完成作畫請將作品交到繪畫組報到處並領取小禮物。(中午午餐請自理)
10、得獎公佈 : 得獎名單於1:45pm將公佈於繪畫寫生報到處。並請於2:00pm之前報到以統一到舞台2:30pm接受頒獎。
11、獎勵辦法 : 各組別第一名 $100(一名),第二名 $50(一名),第三名 $30(一名),佳作$10(若干名)
12、頒獎須知 : 得獎者必需親自出席6/23日華人運動大會並於當日2:30pm至頒獎舞台領取獎金及獎牌及證書。無法親
13、作品領回方式 : 所有參賽作品,請於6/23運動大會當日下午3點之後至繪畫組領回,若當日不領回者,本會恕 不負責

1. Registration and Due Date: Please refer to for registration. Registration will close on June 20, 2019
at 11:59PM.
2. Location: Cupertino High School’s football field at the Drawing Contest Booth. Participants will check in and receive
their name tag and drawing paper. Address: 10100 Finch Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014
3. Time: June 23 (Sunday) Please check is from 9:00am to 9:30am on drawing contest registration booth.
4. Drawing Area: At 9:45am, participants will gather and walk the parade directly to the drawing arena on the bleachers.
5. Theme: Sport events
6. Drawing Paper: Drawing: paper will be provided upon check in.
7. Acceptable materials:Participants must bring the following materials: drawing board (note that as there will be
no tables provided, participants are highly recommended to bring a sturdy board to draw on top of); drawing materials
such as pens/colored pencils/water color/crayons, etc.
8. Time Limit: The drawing contest will be from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Participants will turn their drawing to the
drawing booth and will receive a small prize (no lunch is provided).
9. Participants should work independently without help in any form, such as verbal assistance, from parents or
teachers. Anyone found violating the rules will be disqualified.
10. Winner Notification: Results will be announced at 1:30pm at the drawing contest booth. Winners must be present
and re- register at the drawing booth by 2pm. The award will be presented on the stage during the ceremony at 2:30pm.
Winners must check in at the drawing booth by 2pm otherwise you will forfeit your prize.
11. Prize:One Grand Prize Winner per group- $100; One 2nd Place Prize Winner per group - $50;
One 3rd Place Prize winner per group - $30; Several Merit Awards per group. Grand Prize,
2nd Place, 3rd Place will receive a medal and a certificate.
12. Terms and Details:The award will be presented on the stage during the ceremony by 2:30pm otherwise you will
forfeit your cash prize (you may pick up your medal or certificate after the ceremony). For participating in this
participants agree to TCAAT’s right to use these drawings on TCAAT’s website or related publications.
13. All participants must pick up their drawing entry on July 8 after 3pm at the Award Ceremony Parade
TCAAT will not be responsible for returning the artwork if not collected by owner.
14. Please read the above details carefully. By participating in this contest, you agree to the contest terms.
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謝謝報名參加現場繪畫寫生比賽。請再次確認所填寫資料。報名完成後我們將於6/21日前再email通知相關資訊。Thank you for your registration. Please double check your responses before submitting. After submission, you will not receive a response. We will send you more information via email by 6/21/2019. Thank you!
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