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AMOS Airdrop Invitation

As a luckily chosen user to experience the promising AMOS token, you're boarding on a revolutionary cruise with us.

With AMOS token, we sincerely hope you to witness how we improve people's life and make people healthier throughout our innovative design!

Fill this form after you've done following steps:

1. Understood AMOS Airdrop Campaign starts on 20 November until 30 November in 2018.
2. The total number of token reserved for each participant is 500 AMOS token(~5 USD).
3. Have subscribed our twitter and retweeted the pinned tweet
4. Have followed our Facebook and shared the pinned post
5. Have followed our Instagram
6. Have joint AMOS official telegram channel
7. Do not unsubscribe/unfollow/leave any of the above communities until the end of ICO.

AMOS will be airdropped to your Ethereum wallet before the end of ICO until the delivery of around 500,000 AMOS.
The final reward may be higher depending on the number of participants, who will not be informed if participating after the maximum line.

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