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Specialist Survey
Our Specialist schedule will be changing a little next year. Each student will still take art and health/wellness. In addition, we are offering students a chance to provide input into which other specialist classes they would like to take. There will be a menu of four courses. This survey asks you to rank the available courses from first choice to fourth choice. Class lists will be created based on the results of your input. However, it is very important for you to understand that you may NOT get your first or second choice.

Digital Making with Coding

Have you ever wanted to create your own website, create an animation, or build a simple computer game? In this class you will explore computer programming (coding) languages and make your own products. No prior coding experience required. Based on experience you will select from various resources to learn Scratch, a block-based coding language developed by M.I.T., and HTML, the foundation of web sites. Additional coding languages may be introduced.

Library Media Technology

We’ll take a fun and unique approach to basic research skills, databases, digital citizenship, and Google Apps. Class will be heavily participatory with lots of discussion. In-class solo and group projects will help students gain skills that will help them in all of their other studies.

Performing Arts

If you like playing games, working in groups, and activities that involve acting, music, movement, and movies...then you’ll love this class! We’ll play fun theatre and group games, do improvisation, perform skits and scripts, explore story structure in movies, and create short film projects using iMovie and Green Screen technology. No performance experience necessary -- just a willingness to participate in all of the above!


Spanish is the third most popular language in the world, AND with over 50 million native speakers and second language speakers, the United States now has the second largest Spanish speaking population in the world after Mexico. Come learn Spanish at O’Maley!
In each ten week course, you will practice basic conversations about yourself and others, including likes, dislikes, family, school, sports, colors, seasons, and food. You will learn about culture (food, art, music, traditions and holidays) and geography of the Spanish Speaking world. Classes will be taught in a blend of Spanish and English, and will include games, reading, skits, and projects.

Band and Chorus

You can also use this form to sign up for our popular band or chorus electives. Each one is a full year commitment. Students who enroll in band or chorus will have one section of each of their specialist classes. The same goes for students who have a scheduled support block. All others will be enrolled in two sections of their specialist classes. Please be reminded that any student assigned to a support block is welcome to sign up for band or chorus with the understanding that they will not be able to take any of the other specialist classes.

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