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PERFORMER APME 2020 Call for Participation - Edinburgh
Deadline for Applications/proposals: 15th of November 2019

The Association for Popular Music Education is pleased to announce a call for participation in its first-ever European conference, Breaking Down Barriers, which will be held at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. This conference will take place the week before the International Society for Music Education’s (ISME) biennial conference in Helsinki, Finland. Edinburgh is a great stopping point on the way to Helsinki, and this conference provides the opportunity for Popular Music Education researchers to come together in a specialised environment.

We live in an age in which technological advancements have rendered communication and collaboration across the globe easier and more accessible than ever before. However, there is simultaneously an increased presence of physical and ideological barriers between peoples and nations based on issues such as gender, race, language, social class, and culture. As such, this conference seeks to investigate, problematise, and find ways to break down the barriers to, in, and for popular music education and work together as educators to overcome the challenges faced by our field in an increasingly unsettled global social climate.

We welcome proposals for papers, presentations, workshops, panels and performances from a broad range of contexts and perspectives.

Topics for proposals could include, but need not be limited to:

Innovative approaches in music teaching and learning
Recording, production, and music technologies
Community music
Crossover musics
Inclusion and diversity
Curricula and assessment practices
Classroom conundrums
Music futures
Adult education
Music therapy
Populism and popularity
Collegiality, communities, and collectives
Facilities and facilitation
Reconciling commercial interests and educational aspirations
Bounded and boundaryless careers

Paper presentations run 30-minute blocks following a standard research presentation format (e.g., 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions and 5 minutes for changeover).

Pop 10:
A “Pop 10” is a 10-minute TED-talk style presentation.

Workshops and Demonstrations:
Workshops are designed to share and inform with opportunity for audience participation. Demonstrations are sessions that showcase a technique, method, project, tool, resource, pedagogical idea, etc. Demonstrations are scheduled for 20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions; workshops are 50 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.

Panel Presentations:
A 50-minute session on a single topic with multiple presenters + 5 minutes for questions

Performing groups or individual artists from, or interested in, any and all educational settings across age/grade levels are encouraged to apply.

Interactive Poster Session:
An interactive poster session is designed to allow people to share work/ideas in visual, multimedia, or hands-on experiential formats. Communal exhibition space will be made available for presenters to set up their work/poster and delegates will be able to browse the exhibits and talk with the presenters in an informal social setting at a designated time during the conference.

Guidelines for Submission:

Proposals for papers/presentation, Pop 10s, workshops, demonstrations, interactive poster sessions, and panels should include a summary of 200 to 250 words and provide a clear outline of each session’s content, procedures, and equipment needs.

All accepted participants are required to register for the conference and be members of APME. Deadline for Proposals is November 15, 2019
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