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Asha for Education Proposal Submission

Asha for Education is a 100% volunteer-driven organization that aims to catalyze socio-economic change in India through the education of under-privileged children. Asha for Education was founded in the fall of 1991 by a group of students who understood the importance of education and the need to provide such opportunities for the underprivileged. Today, the organization has 66 chapters world-wide supporting more than 200 projects annually across the length and breadth of India.

More details about Asha for Education can be found at

The proposal submitted here will be kept on record for ONE YEAR from the date of submission for ALL our chapters to review. If any chapter is interested in your project, they will contact you for more details. Please refrain from sending us emails asking for updates. Due to the high volume of proposals we get, we are unable to respond to all such queries.
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Asha for Education
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Briefly detail the target demographics and the surroundings in term of literacy rate, education levels, monthly income, occupations etc (if relevant)
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Briefly highlight the problem that you are trying to address. Please keep your descriptions brief and to the point. (Limit of 2500 characters). (Ex: Students of Class V cannot read basic English)
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Briefly highlight the approach your organization is taking towards solving the problem outlined above. What are the main activities that the project plans to do? Please keep your descriptions brief and to the point. (Limit of 2500 characters).
Alternate Solutions *
What other organizations are active in the area to solve the problem listed above - and what approaches are they taking towards the solution?
Project Executive Summary - Outcomes *
Briefly highlight the expected concrete outputs and outcomes that you expect at the end of the project. Please provide succint and exact descriptions. (Limit of 2500 characters). (Ex. Students of Class V will be able to speak and write English fluently)
Project Executive Summary - Metrics/Measuring Success *
How will you evaluate the success of the progress of project each year? How would you ascertain that the outputs are the results of the proposed work?
Project Executive Summary - Long Term Impact *
Briefly highlight the potential long term direct impact of the project. (Limit of 2500 characters).
Project Executive Summary - Highlights *
What makes this project unique? Is there a new approach tried here? Are the tools being used better than existing ones?
Proposal and Budget Documents
Upload a folder or zip file containing all documents you wish to submit to us (Eg. to Google Drive etc.). Make sure the document is viewable publicly and enter the link here. (Highly recommended).  If you are not sure what proposal to use, feel free to use:
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