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ResQ Freagles 2018

ResQ Charitable Trust has secured the release of ten beagles from a pharmaceutical research laboratory in Pune. They are each on average 8 years of age. They are vaccinated, neutered and will go through required vet checks prior to adoption.

Freagles of India will manage the adoption process. Please note that they have spent their entire lives in confinement in small metal cages, in an air conditioned room, with no interaction with the outside world. They are not toilet trained, scare easily at sudden noises, are not used to going for walks on a leash.
They do learn all of these things given time but it requires a lot of patience and understanding on the part of the family to help them during the initial months of coming home, an adoption counsellor will be available to guide you through this time. Do note that we do NOT have beagle puppies for adoption.

Please join the group Beagle Brigade on Facebook to better understand what these dogs are like and what they need to adjust to lives in home..

So please remember to set your expectations low and your commitment levels high before you proceed to fill out this form. Thank you!

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