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NextPakk Official Airdrop Round 2 (200 PAKKA)
Up to 5,500,000 PAKKA to share. Earn up to 200 PAKKA tokens per participant, for the simple tasks below.
First, get your NextPakk ID for part 1 of this form.
Yes, you can join Round 2 regardless of if you joined round 1 or not.!

Head to and choose "Sign in" or "Sign up". Once you are signed in, copy your NextPakk ID. This is the 6-digit red number displayed on your dashboard. (Note you may need to verify your email first)

Additional form details, after obtaining NextPakk ID:

Part 1. Required - Complete the steps and enter NextPakk ID for 25 PAKKA.
Part 2. Required - Complete the steps and enter YouTube Details for 50 PAKKA.
Part 3. Optional - Complete the steps and enter your Reddit username for 25 PAKKA.
Part 4. Optional - Complete the steps and enter your Telegram ID for 50 PAKKA.
Part 5. Optional - Complete the steps and enter the link to your airdrop share for 50 PAKKA.

Then please provide:
i. your email address.
ii. your name
iii. you can also optionally provide the NextPakk ID of the person who referred you, and you will each be entitled to a 25 PAKKA Referral Bonus. (There is no limit on the number of referrals, but note that it will not count if you refer yourself)

-Available to the first 25,000 participants only. The form will no longer be available when all 25,000 places are filled.
-1 PAKKA token = $0.32 US at the Main ICO Sale Price. 200 Tokens = $64 ICO Sale Equivalent Value.
-As with all crypto tokens, the PAKKA token price is subject to volatility and price change on any future exchanges.
-You must remain in all of our channels joined or followed as part of this form, until your tokens are received in, October.
-If you are listed on the sheet before #2,555, you were in the first 10% of participants and are eligible for double tokens. Tokens will be credited to your NextPakk account, or to your nominated Stellar Wallet (the option to nominate a Stellar Wallet will be available through your NextPakk account in the coming months)
Thanks for being part of the PAKK!! :)
1. Sign up / Log in to our website Enter your 6-digit NextPakk ID: (Required - instructions above) 25 PAKKA *
Your answer
2. Subscribe to NextPakk's YouTube channel: Turn on the Notifications Bell, and Like our latest Video. Enter your YouTube username or account link: (Required) 50 PAKKA *
Your answer
3. Subscribe to our SubReddit: And upvote this post about NextPakk: Enter your Reddit Username. (Optional) 25 PAKKA
Your answer
4. Follow our Telegram channels: & and follow our medium accounts to hear our announcements first & Enter your Telegram username with or without the @ Symbol: (Optional) 50 PAKKA
Your answer
5. Share our post about Airdrop Number 2 on Twitter or Facebook Enter the link to your shared post: (Optional) 50 PAKKA
Your answer
i. Enter your email address: *
Your answer
ii. Enter your name: *
Your answer
iii. Enter the NextPakk ID of the person who referred you: (Optional) 25 PAKKA for you and 25 PAKKA for the referrer.
Your answer
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