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NABU Content Action & Advisory Board Application
The purpose of the NABU Content Action & Advisory Board (CAAB) is to provide NABU’s Creative Director, Michael Ross, with support to edit NABU’s stories so that they are ready for illustration. Each member of the CAAB will be asked to edit 5-7 children’s stories each month (which are very short), which will be discussed in the meeting.

More broadly, the CAAB will provide their invaluable insight and guidance to shape NABU’s story writing and content development process, developing an overall content strategy for the organization.

NABU’s content development objective for the creative department in the next 4 years is to create 150 high quality, levelled stories in Kinyarwanda and Haitian Creole, as well as each of these 4 languages:
- Swahili
- Filipino
- Tamil
- Hausa
These collections will ensure that some of the most marginalized children in the world have access to the books they need to gain literacy. The work of the CAAB will directly support the achievement of the critical goal - we cannot do this without you!

In addition, the CAAB will consider broader strategic questions posed by NABU’s Creative Director that focus on the high level mission and vision of NABU, which is ‘to solve the imbalance in the creation and distribution of children’s books, to ensure that all children can read and rise to their full potential.’ These include questions of quality, efficiency, pedagogy and human resources. The output of these deliberations will be a clear 4-year roadmap to the achievement of the content development department’s goals.

Fluency in English is a requirement.
Writers or content background preferred
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Fluency in English is a requirement. Are you fluent in English? *
Please adapt the below story translation so it is more concise and interesting in English.
We would love to show you a taste of what it is like to be a NABU Content Advisor.
Below we have one of our beautifully written Kinyarwanda children's stories "Izuba n’ukwezi/ The Sun and the Moon" which was written at one of our writer workshops. This has been translated into English and we need your help to make it more interesting, concise, and an appropriately leveled English children's storybook. This book is being illustrated by our talented team of local Rwandan Illustrators.

As a content advisor, we would like to see you be able to:
1. Remove unnecessary text so the story is clear and focused for our young readers. Please keep the word count below 35 per page to allow enough space for translations and our illustrations.
2. Help clarify and add structure to the existing story - some of our stories need the insight of an advisor to judge whether they have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Make edits accordingly to achieve this level of resolution.
3. Feel free to Rephrase sentences to create more drama and intrigue.
4. If there is too much text on a single page, or too much is happening, feel free to split the page into two. This will help create a more comprehensible story and pave way for clearer illustrations.
5. Most importantly, we want you to have fun, to unlock the creative gems buried in your mind so that with your help we can improve our stories and provide our young readers with the books they deserve!
Page 1: When Karabo was born, her parents didn’t put her in darkness. When it would get dark, they would switch on lights. *
Page 2: In the morning they would bring her outside on the balcony. Karabo loved looking at how beautiful the light from the sun is. Everything outside looked beautiful. *
Page 3: One day, Karabo told her mother that she wants to go outside to see the sun because she loved it so much. *
Page 4: Her mother told her that it was night and the sub went to sleep. Karabo started crying and said: “Mother, I want to see the sun, I miss it!” *
Page 5: Her mother took her outside and showed her that there is no sun. When she saw the darkness she cried so much and her mother said: “This is the night, the sun will come back tomorrow!” *
Page 6: Karabo kept on crying and said: “No mother, I don’t want the night because it is cold!” *
Page 7: When her mother realized that she kept crying, she remembered that there is a song she loves that makes her sleep. She started signing it and she slept. *
Page 8: When she woke up, she saw the sun then she called her: “Mother come and see the sun is back!” *
Page 9: Her mother took her and said: “My child Karabo, I want to tell you that a day is composed by the day and the night! *
Page 10: The sun shines during the day and when it gets dark it leaves and the night comes. In the dark, it is when the moon and stars come and you will become friends as you love the sun. *
Page 11: The night and the day are friends. You too have to love them both either the night because it gives us the moon or the day because it gives us the sun!” *
Page 12: And then Karabo understood that there are two times, the night and the day and they all have are important to us. *
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete our Content Advisor application. Our Creative Director will review your submission and reach out to you with next steps. If you would like to learn more about NABU and our work go to and sign up for our newsletter.
If your application is successful you will be required to sign an NDA. Please email if you have any questions.
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