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Ark-Valley Humane Society Kitten Questionnaire
Did you find or do you have kittens you are thinking about bringing to Ark-Valley Humane Society?  Please complete this brief questionnaire and an AVHS staff member will call you shortly to discuss a plan for the kittens.
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Email *
Where did the kittens come from? *
Is the mother cat friendly or feral? ( Feral cat info at *
How many kittens are there?
How old are the kittens? (Visit to determine kitten age) *
Are the kittens friendly and hand-able , or feral/fearful of humans? *
Are any kittens sick? Check all that apply.
Are the kittens in immediate danger? Check if applicable.
What is the plan for these kittens? *
What is the plan for the mother cat? *
Please provide us with your first and last name, physical address, city, state, zip, phone number and email address *
Thank you for completing this questionnaire.  An Ark-Valley Humane Society staff member will call you shortly to discuss a plan for these kittens and mom cat.
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