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EFx Competitions Form
Please make sure to include all information needed.
The Mechatronics competition is a competition with a team of 3-4. Please make sure all members are registered in the same sheet.
As for the Oral presentation competition, it will be done individually.
Finally the registration for the impromptu will be done on the day of the competition.

Question 2 till 4 are strictly for participants of the Oral presentation.
Question 5 till 8 are strictly for participants of the Mechatronics Competition.
1- Which competition would you like to participate in? *
2- Oral Presentation Participant's Full Name: (if not proceed to question 5)
3- Student Section / Country
4- Email Address
5- Name of the participating members in the Mechatronics Competition
6- Name of the Team
7- Student Section / Country
8- Email Address of ONE of the members
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