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Product Packaging Overview
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Introduction and General Production
1a. What is your name?
1b. Where are you located?
State/Country for shipping costs
1c. How did you hear about us?
2. How many packages do you currently need to be labeling per week?
Clear selection
3. What labeling capacity do you want your machine to be able to handle in terms of products per week?
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4. What kind of products do you make?
5. To fully address your needs we will need pictures of your container and labels. Pictures can be taken with a cell phone. Please email your pictures to, text to 541-525-0503, or paste a URL below
6. Describe the package(s) that need labeling.
What is in the container? What material are they made of? Caps? Handles?
7. Does this product require you to include a batch code or use by date?
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8. Can you label your container empty? If no, how do you fill your container?
9. How are you applying the labels now?
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10. What is the make and model of the machine(s) you have now?
Also specify if it is an applicator or a dispenser or a full assembly line.
11. If replacing a labeling machine why are you replacing it?
12. Is the new machine being placed into the existing line? If so, what is the speed of the existing system conveyor?
13. Who is your current label supplier?
14. In moving forward with a label applicator what budget range are you thinking?
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15. Are your labels transparent, opaque, or both?
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16. What speed are you looking to achieve?
In products per minute
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17. Do you need Top and/or Bottom Labeling on your container?
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