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I thought it'd be rad to do something special for my readers because I love you guys. I also love music. I especially love mixes. And, I absolutely LOVE sending emails. Hence, the Mix Club was born. (Ha! I said "hence." What am I, a knight at Medieval Times?)

Just so you know, by signing up for the SK Mix Club, I'll automatically add your name to my newsletter database. I send it out roughly once every six months because I'm lazy. It's not that big of a deal. And, if for some reason you totally hate receiving my hilarious newsletter, it's easy to unsubscribe from so don't sweat it too hard.

With that out of the way, let's talk about this Mix Club. I'm gonna send a FREE downloadable mix out to you once a season. I'll put the stuff I'm digging into a playlist of roughly 12-16 individual songs; anything from indie rock to Motown to classic rock to punk to...well, you get the gist. I'm only going to share these mixes through this Mix Club. I won't post it on the site so this is the only way you'll get to hear 'em. (Ooooh! Exclusive!)

Thanks for signing up. Be sure to tell your friends, too. I think it'll be fun. It'll be like the Mickey Mouse Club but with less eventual stints in rehab.


Anna Goldfarb
Publisher/ Kitten-in-Chief

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