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The MTPT Project Accreditation Application
Thank you for your interest in The MTPT Project Accreditation.

We are committed to providing our Accreditation to teachers on parental leave for free through a combination of volunteer coaching hours, and partnerships from TSAs and schools.

If you have a positive relationship with your school, we encourage you to talk to them about your motivation to complete The MTPT Project Accreditation. There are two ways that they can support you:

1. If you work for a Harris Federation or Greenshaw Learning Trust, your Accreditation is fully funded.

2. Your school can fund your completion of The MTPT Project Accreditation from their CPD budget.

Please indicate your funding choice below.

If you do NOT feel that it would be appropriate to discuss your MTPT Project Accreditation with your school, then we are still committed to ensuring that you benefit from our coaching and self-directed CPD. Continue to fill in the form with the following information to confirm your participation in Module 1, and select the "pro bono coaching" option.

Please note: we ask about your ethnicity so that we can ensure that the community benefitting from The MTPT Project Accreditation accurately reflects our workforce and the students that we teach.

Once we have received this information, our coaches will contact you to organise a convenient time for a contracting conversation and to arrange your first full length coaching session.
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