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Application Form for the Catford Arts Trail 2019
The Trail will take place over two weekends (Sept 28th & 29th and Oct 5th/6th) in homes and venues in SE6. All artists must complete the application form and submit together with four images. All previous participants must reapply using this form.

Applications to take part must be received by APRIL 30th 2019.
Spaces are limited and Catford Arts regrets that they may not be able to accept all applications.

[When you have entered all the required information please remember to click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the application form. You will receive an auto confirmation if your form has been correctly submitted.]

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Artist's Exhibiting Name (to be used on all promotional material)
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If you are not exhibiting in your own home, please provide the name and address where you intend to exhibit. (Private addresses only; must be confirmed with owner before submitting)
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Artist's Statement
All material submitted for application is subject to approval by Catford Arts
Please provide 100-150 words (maximum) describing your work. This will be used on the website. *
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Will you run any workshops or activities? Please give details. *
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Artist's Images
- All Artists applying must provide four images that clearly represent the work you will exhibiting in the trail

- Please send images in jpeg format and with a minimum resolution of 300dpi x 300dpi

- Please label your main image, to be used in the leaflet and on the website, if you have a preference. If you do not indicate your preferred image, we will choose one for you.

- Do consider that your main image will be SQUARE on both the website and the leaflet.
(Catford Arts reserves the right to adjust image size/dimesions where necessary)

- Email your 4 images to AT THE SAME TIME THAT you submit your application form

Have you sent your 4 images to *
Voluntary Tasks
The trail relies on volunteers so everyone needs to share the work. Artists & volunteers, please select a task from the menu below.
Voluntary tasks are crucial to the smooth running of the trail; your Artist application can not be considered until you have completed this section of the application form.

If there is any reason you would be unable to undertake any of the tasks below, or have a specific previously agreed job, tick 'other', and provide a brief explanation of the kind of activity that would be more suited to you.

Please select at least one task *
Hosts and Volunteers
If you have applied to be a host, you will be contacted by Catford Arts to organise this.

Please note, if you are applying as a HOST ONLY or as a VOLUNTEER there is no fee.

Terms and Conditions
You will be notified, after the closing date, if your application to exhibit as an Artist on the Catford Arts Trail 2019 has been successful.
Upon acceptance you will be instructed how to pay the £50 Artist participation fee.

£50 pays for your place on the trail and inclusion on the website and in the leaflet.
If we do not receive your payment by the deadline, you will not be included in the trail, the website or in promotional material.

The £50 fee is non-refundable.

The £50 is payable by ALL artists taking part.
For example, if there are 3 artists taking part in a venue, ALL 3 artists must pay £50 each.

All artists/hosts/venues exhibiting must have gone through the Catford Arts application and selection process and paid the fee where applicable. Anyone who takes part and has not done so, will be charged the fee, and may not be considered for future Catford Arts activities.

By submitting this form, your Artist's Statement and 4 images, you agree to the use of your images and words by Catford Arts for promotional purposes and on the Catford Arts website.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Catford Arts Trail 2019 *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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