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BoxBuddies Feedback Form
DE: BoxBuddies Feedback Formular
What did you like about BoxBuddies?
DE: Was hat dir an BoxBuddies gefallen?
The levels are too difficult
DE: Die Level sind zu schweirig
no, not at all / nein, überhaupt nicht
yes, totally / ja, total
This is what I did NOT like about the game:
DE: Das hat mir an dem Spiel NICHT gefallen:
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What would make the game better?
DE: Was würde das Spiel besser machen?
Where are you from and where did you hear about BoxBuddies?
DE: Wo kommst du her und von wo hast du von BoxBuddies erfahren?
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I also wanted to say...
DE: Was ich sonst noch sagen wollte...
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