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Burghley/Woodland Pytchley Pony Club Residential Camp 2019 Application Form.
This year, Camp will run on a residential basis in the Camp Fields of Burghley Park, with Members arriving on Sunday July 28th and leaving on Friday August 2nd.
Residential Camp is a great experience, combining a wide range of riding activities, training, pony care and social activities. Members are split into age and ability appropriate groups under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Camp Team and parent helpers look after their needs when they are not involved in riding activities. Members sleep in tents and will be supervised by adults at night, who will do their utmost to get them to sleep as soon as possible after ‘lights out’! All meals and drinks are provided and included in the price of Camp, and the usual tuck shop will be available daily for a minimal cost.

Horses/ponies will be stabled in temporary stabling, located together within their ride group and should be fit enough to cope with being ridden for up to 4 hours per day split over 2 sessions.They must have up to date vaccinations, worming and have a secure set of shoes on (if worn).

Camp is open to all Burghley Members aged 10 and above at the time of Camp (12 years and over for Woodland Pytchley Members.) Parents should consider carefully if their child is mature enough to stay away all week, and if they are fully able to look after their pony themselves for the entire week. If necessary, younger member’s stable management and riding ability may be assessed to determine if they would benefit most from Residential or Daily Camp. All members must be paid up current members for the year 2019/20 before their application will be accepted. All members must have attended at least two Rallies or Training Sessions in 2019 before June 8th for their application to be accepted – otherwise the camp deposit will be refunded. However, if you attended Camp 2018 then attendance at only one Rally or Training Session will be required. This is a fully residential camp and Members going home for a night disrupts the smooth running of the week, therefore any member ‘going home for a night’ except for illness may be asked to leave Camp at the discretion of the organisers. The Woodland Pytchley may have differing criteria and applications for their members will receive notification from their branch.

We can only prepare and run Camp successfully with the help and support of parents. Please indicate on the Parental Volunteer form when you are available to help and complete this with your application form. A rota will be published nearer to Camp to confirm your day and time.
As we need to be aware of who is present on the campsite at all times parents are **NOT** allowed to visit Camp except when on the rota to help or if contacted by a member of the Camp Team.

For Burghley members to qualify for Camp 2019, parents will be required to help at either the Spring Hunter Trial, Novice Show or One Day Event prior to camp.

Please note that help to set up equipment will again be needed during the week before Camp (likely Thursday evening) and help to set up the tented village will be required on the Saturday before Camp. On Friday August 2nd parents are welcome to watch their children ride during the morning ridden competition, and all parents should plan to arrive no later than 1pm to assist with clearing of stables, camping equipment, and other packing away as needed. Presentations will only take place once the site is cleared, and Camp is usually over by 4pm.

The cost of Camp for 2019 is £295 in total, with a deposit of £100 due by May 1st and the balance of £195 due by June 8th.

Camp’hoodies’ and/or gillets will be available to purchase before camp and an order form will be sent out after your application is received.

Places can only be confirmed upon receipt of a fully completed application form and deposit followed by balance. Deposits will only be refunded if notification of cancellation is received prior to the full balance becoming due on June 8th 2019.

Due to the recent outbreak of Equine Flu, passports will be fully inspected before your application is accepted.
1. Whilst it is advisory to have a booster if your vaccination was more than six months ago we will allow those whose vaccination falls within the last year of the last day of Camp, August 2nd 2019.
2.Those of you who are either starting from scratch or have restarted must have completed two injections, the first followed by the second 21 days later followed by 7 days to allow for immunisation.

Your application requires a scanned or photocopied copy of your horse/pony’s vaccination certificate unless their vaccination booster falls due between the time of application and Camp, in which case please advise the date the vaccination is due and forward a photocopy once it has been done (please write name of member and horse/pony on photocopy.) This needs to be either emailed or posted to:

Mrs S. Whittington
Chestnut Acre
PE12 6TZ.


Burghley Members will only be guaranteed a place if their deposit and completed paperwork is received by May 1st, 2019.

In June we will publish an equipment list detailing what each Camp Member and their horse/pony will need to bring to Camp, and there will be regular Camp emails with updates and information such as arrival times etc.

Any questions regarding Residential Camp should be emailed to:

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Branch Name *
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Age (on July 28th,2019) *
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Name of Parent/Guardian *
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Address of Parent/Guardian *
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Telephone Number of Parent/Guardian during camp week. *
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Email address of Parent/Guardian *
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Name of secondary authorised contact during camp *
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Relationship of secondary authorised contact to member. *
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Telephone number of secondary authorised contact during camp week. *
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Doctors Name and Telephone Number *
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Details of any Medical Condition/Allergy camp organisers should be aware of.
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Details of any medication taken on a regular basis. Any medication to be taken must be handed over to the organisers on arrival at Camp along with a note with details and dosage
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Religion - if applicable to any medical condition or dietary requirement.
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Do you give your approval for general first aid/medication to be given to your child by the Camp Mum/Dad or on duty First Aider? This may include, but is not limited to, plasters, paracetamol, antiseptic/sting/bite ointment. *
Is there any medication your child is allergic to, or you do not want them to be given
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Details of any other information you feel camp organisers should be aware of.
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Does your child have any food allergies or intolerance ? If yes, please provide details.
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Are they Vegetarian ?
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Are they Vegan ?
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Any dietary requests or details
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Please give names of friends members would like to tent with during camp. Maximum of 3 names, and whilst these cannot be guaranteed every effort will be made to accommodate requests.
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Are you able to provide a tent for camp *
If yes, what comfortable sleeping capacity does it have ?
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Horse Name (as on passport) *
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Horse Age *
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Horse Sex *
Horse Height *
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If a horse/pony in Camp requires veterinary treatment the Camp organisers will make every effort to contact the owner first. Please tick below so that appropriate treatment can be given in the event we are unable to contact you in a timely fashion. 'In the event of my horse/pony requiring emergency veterinary treatment whilst at Pony Club Camp and an officer or other responsible adult being unable to contact me, I hereby authorise the officer or other responsible adult to obtain such veterinary treatment for my horse/pony as they in their absolute discretion think necessary after consultation with a veterinary surgeon. This authority extends to all veterinary treatment including the giving of an anaesthetic where necessary and humane destruction if there is no alternative.' *
Name and telephone number of vet or veterinary surgery. *
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If the horse or pony attending Camp is not owned by yourselves please give name and contact number of owner.
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If your horse's flu booster is due between now and Camp please state below the due date and send your copy as soon as the vaccination is done. Boosters must be done at least seven days prior to the start of Camp. Please state Vaccination Due Date:
Does your horse/pony have any vices or habits whilst in the stable, being ridden or being handled that organisers should be aware of ?
Your answer
Does your horse/pony have any specific needs or need medical treatment (pills/powders etc.)that organisers should be aware of ?
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What height are you and your horse/pony jumping confidently at ?
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What Pony Club Test Level have you achieved ?
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If you have not yet attained your D or D Plus Test level, would you interested in doing these at Camp ?
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In order to run camp successfully and safely, and keep costs as low as possible, we have to ask that all parents of children attending camp support it by helping out on one duty period during the week. In order to create an efficient rota system, please indicate on the chart below when you can help by clicking in the boxes where you are available to help.
Sun July 28th (Evening and Overnight only)
Mon July 29th
Tues July 30th
Wed July 31st
Thurs Aug1st
Fri Aug 2nd (Daytime Help only)
Daytime Help 7.30 am - 3.00 pm
Evening Help 3.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Overnight Help 10.00 pm - 8.00 am
In addition to the required rota help above, assistance is also required on Thursday July 25th (pm) to help set camp up and Sat July 27th (am) to put tents up. Please indicate below if you are able to help on either or both of these days. Please be aware that at least one parent for each tent must be available to bring it to Burghley and help erect it on Saturday July 27th.
Thank you for your application to attend The Burghley and Woodland Pytchley Pony Club Residential Camp 2019. After you have submitted this form please make a bank transfer to sort code 55 50 42, account number 63017105 to pay the deposit or full amount by May 1st and the balance by June 8th. Please give your child's name and 'Camp' as the reference. Please do not pay on paypal as the costs to the branch are considerable with these amounts. Don't forget that your application will not be accepted until your scanned email or posted photo copy of your flu vaccinations is received.
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