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OBP Team Builder Events
Thanks for reaching out. Building strong teams is an important thing for any business. This forms helps us get a sense of who you are and what your team is looking to achieve. We can design custom build challenges to help bring your team to the next level.By helping them learn to look closely, think boldly, and stretch their understanding of what they can accomplish together.
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So who are you? Tell us a bit about your work focus. What fires your team up? What are you hoping to get out of an OBP team build experience? *
Tell us a bit about your team. What is your work focus and mission? What fires your team up? What are you hoping to get out of an OBP Team Builder experience?
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Team Size: *
Team Building is bested suited for 4-6 people.Smaller groups can combine projects into a large build as a way to break down large groups. While we've had groups as large a 75 people, we find that limiting overall group size to less than 24 people works best. For larger groups we can negotiate a shop closure for accommodation.
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How long of an experience are you looking for? We find that setting aside a full 8 hour day works best for teams, allowing for introductions, instructions, building and debrief. Multiple day sessions are even better allowing for cool down, incubation, and reflection periods.
Type of Project
We can design this custom for you. Would your team be more interested in working on a single project together of many individual projects? Do you have a preference for woodworking, Metalworking, Electronics? Or might we suggest a fine Rube Goldberg influenced machine which mixes media...
Mixed Media
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One Large project
Individual projects
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Would you be interested in having us help you arrange for lunch, and/or some after our beverages. We know some people...Just let us know...
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