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MOONWORK is currently closed! this queer practice space opens only at the start of a seasonal cycle. last open: spring 2019 <3 ARTWORK: noel arthur heimpel's WORLD card from the NUMINOUS TAROT deck, used with payment & permission.
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Why MOONWORK? What about this group draws you? What do you want to get out of your participation? *
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What's your relationship with your body like? Why are you excited to commit to regular somatic practice? (Note: my work is always dissociation-friendly. You don't have to love being in your body to do somatic work!) *
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What is your constellation of support like, and how supported do you feel? This may include people, pets, spiritual or religious or embodied practices, meds/supplements, etc. *
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What access needs do you have? What helps you feel as safe and present as possible, especially in an online/video context? *
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This group is an ongoing offering with Zoom meetings on Tuesdays 5:00 - 7:00 pm EST most weeks. Are you generally available during that time? (Recordings will be available, but live attendance more often than not is expected.) *
MOONWORK costs $150/month* & payment is like a membership: as long as you have a space in MOONWORK, payment is expected on the 15th of each month, regardless of how many group practices are scheduled or how many you are able to attend live. We gather for group practice weekly, with rest built into our cycle: we take one "rest week" (no group practice) every month, and 1-2 "rest months" (fewer than 3 group practices in the month) per year. *BIPOC participants: if you need a lower price to access this space, please shoot me an email so we can work it out! *
MOONWORK is a still-new offering grounded in principles of emergence. As such, it may change shape & structure. This change will be in the principle of better alignment with my vision, your (participants') needs, and all our desires, and will always take the feedback I regularly request from you into account. *
Queer communities span the globe and also are very small. Do you have any current conflicts I should know about? Are there any people you do not share space with? Please keep disclosures to "headline-level" summaries; I don't need every detail! Please feel free to email me with questions about how I navigate these situations. *
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Is there anything else you'd like me know? *
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