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GHS Goochland Day Vendor Submission
This form is for vendors who would like a 10' x 10' booth at Goochland Day, 5/5/18, 9 am - 3 pm.

Goochland High School PTSA invites vendors to purchase booth slots at GMS/GHS complex in the following way:
1. Flat fee of $25 in gift cards (must be Mastercard or Visa) or check.

GHS PTSA will use the proceeds in the following ways:
1. To donate to the family of Riley Saunders (young Goochland resident injured in an accident)
2. To support events and needs at Goochland High School.
Spaces are being measured and allocated in 10’ x 10’ slots. We have a very LIMITED number of tables and chairs available on a first come, first serve basis upon arrival to set-up the day of the event. We STRONGLY encourage vendors to plan appropriately with tents, tables, chairs, and tablecloths as this is an outside event.

Do you agree with the statements noted in the header of this document regarding costs and agree that this is the full arrangement between GHS PTSA and you, as the vendor? *
What is your business name? *
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What are you selling? (For example, if you are selling homemade goods, please state the type. If you are selling mass produced goods as a distributor or representative, please state the company name you distribute for or represent. *
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What is your contact address? *
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How do we contact you? (Please add your e-mail address and best contact number.) *
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I will not sell non-family friendly products on school property. (Examples: alcohol, firearms, lewd items) *
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