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NMSS Student Survey
New Millennium Secondary School would like to here from you. Our school is working to improve the quality of education for students and, as a student, your experience and ideas about our school is very important to us. Please spend 15 minutes filling out this survey.
The survey does not ask for your name. Your answers will be grouped with similar answers from other students. New Millennium Secondary School will publish a summary of the results as long as 80% of students respond. We hope you will share your experiences and idea with us.
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What grade are you in at this school?uestion *
Race/Ethnicity of student. (mark one) *
At school, I receive: *
How long have you attended New Millennium Secondary School? *
My home district is: *
Please indicate how you feel about New Millennium Secondary School by marking one answer for each question. *
Strongly Disagree
Column 3
Strongly Agree
Don't Know
This school makes me feel welcome.
This school focuses on college readiness.
The overall quality of teaching at this school is good.
The teachers care about students.
The teachers know and understand my individual needs.
The lesson taught at this school challenge me.
I am engaged in the classroom with interesting lessons.
The teachers expect me to learn and achieve at a high level.
The teachers regularly give appropriate amounts of homework.
I understand the standards-based grading system used at the school.
The teachers regularly provide rubrics for assignments when they are assigned.
NMSS enforces the discipline fairly.
The school provides courses to support my learning and progress toward graduation.
I am respected and treated fairly by the staff at this school.
The school sets clear rules for student behavior.
I understand that this school is an early-college high school that requires all students to attend a college course before graduating.
I arrive/leave school by: *
How safe do you feel at NMSS? *
On average, I spend ____ on homework each day. *
How often do you do each of the following? *
Hardly Ever
Very Often
Use PowerSchool to monitor my grades and attendance.
Contact my teacher(s) outside of class time about how I am doing, or how to improve my grades.
Attend after-school tutoring.
Complete my homework assignments.
Ask someone at home for help with my homework.
I feel the “Advisory” lessons contain useful information for my future career or college goals.
I take challenging courses, including college-level courses, available at the school.
I know the A-G requirements and what my graduation progress status is.
I talk about going to college with my parent/guardian(s).
I feel like success in my high school classes is essential for achieving my future goals.
I receive a “Model Warrior” for demonstrating positive behavior.
I respect the adults on campus.
I respect my peers in the classroom and contribute positively to the classroom environment.
I feel that the adults on campus are helpful and want me to succeed.
I am proud to attend NMSS.
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