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iWheel Flange Lubrication Preliminary Requirement Specification

This questionnaire is purely for Rowe Hankins sales and engineering purposes and we pledge any details you provide will not be shared with any third parties and that any personal details will be removed at the end of the research analysis.

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Do you already have a Lubrication system in place?
If yes, what? Please specify.
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Is this a new build or retrofit project?
Do you have a budget in place, if so what is it?
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What would be your initial project timescale? (i.e.Trial start date)
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Do you require top and bottom of rail lubrication? (iWFL & iTORFM)
What is the vehicle type?
How many cars per train?
How many trains per fleet?
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On average, how many miles per year do your vehicles cover?
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Are there mechanical details of coach bodies, bogie, wheels and suspension available?
Is a plan layout of the train available?
Is an electrical schematic available?
Is there a kinetic envelope available? (Space occupied by vehicle when in motion including tilt/sway etc).
Are there details of the air supply available?
Is there any location marking system we can utilise? (i.e. RFID, Balise)
If yes, what?
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Is a yaw / bend sensor required?
Would you require a trial unit?
Is there a train management system specification available?
Is there a train management system simulator available?
How long would the trial period be?
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Do you require Rowe Hankins to help with installation or would it be done by the customer?
Is documentation required? (i.e. CDRL, safety case)
Is there any accreditation type testing required?
If YES, to what standards required?
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Are there any other specific requirements?
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Do you have any other comments before you submit this enquiry?
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