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CCR Online Membership Application
Hello from your Camera Club of Richmond Friends!

We are happy to welcome you to our club!

Please complete the fields below (some are optional), then note how you wish to pay your annual dues in the question at the end.

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Thanks for joining us. We look forward to meeting you and seeing your fabulous photos!
Patricia Munford, CCR Membership Director
Doug Turner, CCR Treasurer
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Photo Release: I agree to allow the Camera Club of Richmond (CCR) to display my printed and/or digital images submitted for Exhibition, Evaluation, or Competition on the CCR Website, facebook page, monthly publications, or CCR approved exhibits. I retain all rights, complete and total ownership of my images for my exclusive use to copyright, sell, or use in any competitions, past or future events of my choosing. The only revenue that CCR may receive from the sale of my printed or electronically displayed images, will be in the form of an agreed-upon commission with myself or my company. I understand that this agreement will remain in effect until my CCR membership is terminated either by myself, my company, or CCR. *
Permission to be Photographed/Recorded: I understand that events sponsored by CCR may be photographed and/or recorded. By attending these events (both physically and virtually), I grant CCR the irrevocable right and unrestricted permission to use my name, voice, comments, and images as recorded and/or photographed to promote CCR. I hereby release CCR from all liability associated with the use of my name, voice, comments, and images in CCR educational and/or promotional materials. (Type your name below to indicate your release and agreement.)
Limitation of Liability:  I hold the Camera Club of Richmond and each member, individually and collectively, harmless for any accident, injury, illness, or theft of property that may occur to me or my guests while participating in any CCR meeting, activity, or event. (Type your name below, to accept these important conditions and terms of membership into the Camera Club of Richmond.) *
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