Pet Animal Care Facilities Act Complaint Form
Thank you for contacting the Pet Animal Care Program. We appreciate any information that you can provide to help us ensure a high standard of animal care in Colorado. You can choose to remain anonymous; however, providing your contact information will give us a way to obtain additional information to complete a more thorough investigation.

If you witnessed conditions that you believe represent imminent danger to any animals, please call your local law enforcement agency immediately so that they can address the situation promptly.

Please note that your complaint will be entered verbatim and your anonymity may not be kept based on facts that you provide. Any information you enter on this form will be entered into the complaint investigation document, we cannot exclude any information that you provide to us.

Provide your first and last name, or you may put Anonymous.
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Contact information
Provide either a phone number or email address where we can contact you, or you may put Anonymous.
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Facility Name
Provide the name of the facility you wish to lodge a complaint against
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Facility Address
Provide the address of the facility or a location description
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Facility City
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Facility Type
Example: Pet Store, Doggie Daycare, Animal Sheter
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Facility Phone
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Date of the Incident
Provide the date of the incident related to your complaint
Description of Incident or Conditions
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Animal(s) Involved
Provide details about animals, including species, breed, physical description, location within facility
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Veterinary Care
Provide details if ill or injured animals received veterinary care after the incident. Include date of exam and veterinary contact information
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Facility Staff
Provide information for any facility staff that may have been involved with the incident
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