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Registration of Interest Form (SOZO Pte Ltd)
Kindly take note that this form is NOT APPLICABLE for our Creators Hub / Artist Alley (non commercial) booth. If you are interested in Creators Hub / Artist Alley booths, kindly wait for the registration announcement on Facebook.

Please fill up this form so that one of our sales team can get back to you with more information on how you can participate in the event. Please note that submission of this form DOES NOT confirm your entrance of the event. A member of the sales team will contact you with regards to the submission of this form.



Name of Company/Organisation *
御社名 公司/企业名称
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Company/Organisation’s Registered Address *
ご住所 公司/企业地址
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Company/Organisation’s Country *
ご住所 公司/企业国
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Company/Organisation’s Website
ウェブサイト 公司/企业网址
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Contact Person's Name *
ご担当者様お名前 联络人名称
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Contact Person’s E-mail *
ご担当者様メールアドレス 联络人电邮
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Contact Person’s Contact Number *
ご担当者様お電話番号 联络人电话号码
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Contact Person’s Position
ご担当者様肩書き 联络人公司职位
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Product type description (if selling merchandise). Do note that pirated and unlicensed goods are prohibited in our events. *
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Events in 2019
Date: 7th - 8th September
Venue: Setia SPICE Arena, Penang, Malaysia

Date: 29th November - 1st December
Venue: Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore

More to be announced.

Please let us know which events you are interested in: *
どのイベントが興味のあるお知らせください: 请选择您对那个活动有兴趣:
Please let us know what your interest in the events is as: *
Eventへのご参加希望: 请选择您在活动的意图:
Please let us know the name of the referrer (if any).
ご紹介頂いた方のお名前(適用時) 如果您是被别人所推荐,请提供他的姓名。
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