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The Leadership Game
Mekateam is going to organize "The Leadership Game".
The Leadership Game is about building leadership capacity by using games.

There are different way to unleash and develop our leadership skills. Mekateam has designed some innovative games which will bring out the inner leadership skills of the participants.

During this program, every participant gets the chance to act as a leader and lead his/her team. Participants will get a great chance to practice their own leadership by using this specific games.

During the game execution and after that our Instructor will give a De-Brief which will help the participants to find out their mistakes and strength.

From mekAteam, we always believe that each and everyone of us have leadership skills and everyone have our own leadership style. You just need the proper combination of opportunity and timing.

Participants will receive a certificate after successful completion of this program.

The selection process will be done in two-way. Based on the registration form, we will select half of the participants and another half will face a short phone interview.

Participants have to pay 250 Taka once they are selected.

Program venue: EMK center 30th July from 3PM to 6PM

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