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Please complete and submit this form if you would like to attend, present, or serve as a discussant at the Spring 2020 edition of the Northeast Workshop in Empirical Political Science (NEWEPS), which will be held at Princeton University on May 1, 2020.

Please note that both paper and (in case of capacity constraints) participant selections will be made in accordance with our NEWEPS practices (see In short:

- The selection of papers will be based on demographic and institutional diversity considerations and a numerical score reflecting:
(i) paper quality and scope for improvement (60%)
(ii) whether the paper submitted is likely to be a job market paper (20%); and
(iii) number of previous NEWEPS conferences attended (20%).
- Submission from individuals that have presented at one of the last 3 NEWEPS meetings will only be considered if there are not enough qualified papers to fill out the schedule by those who have not presented recently.
- Up to 2 exceptional papers (1 per session) may be included from beyond the local NEWEPS community.
- In the unlikely event that attendance exceeds capacity constraints, preference will be given to students in their 3rd year or above and to more equal representation across core institutions (with the exception of priority for the host institution funding the meeting).
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Have you attended NEWEPS before? (please check all that apply)
Would you like to attend NEWEPS-14 at Princeton University on May 1, 2020?
Would you like to join the NEWEPS mailing list?
Are you willing to carefully read each of the papers ahead of time? All participants are expected to come well prepared to discuss the papers.
Do you plan to submit a paper to NEWEPS-14? Paper submissions are due March 30, 2020 to
Do you have any additional questions for the organizers?
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