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Employee Communication and Crisis Management
This research will serve as input for the production of a new book on Employee Communication and Crisis Management. Thank you for your participation.

Paulo Henrique Soares - Rodrigo Soares - Rozália Del Gáudio Soares
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1) Country of work
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2) What sector do you work in?
3) Indicate in which area you work
4) Do you participate, in any way, in your organization´s crisis communication or crisis management processes?
5) Does your organization have a structured crisis management process?
6) If you answered “Yes” to the previous question, do you believe that your organization’s crisis management process is effective?
7) How would you assess the effectiveness of your organizations' crisis management process during a crisis situation?
8) What were the main causes, in your opinion, of the last crisis that your organization faced?
9) Does your organization have a Crisis Committee?
10) If you answered “yes” to the previous question, which areas/departments participate in the Crisis Committee? (please mark all that apply)
11) Who leads the Crisis Committee??
12) Does your organization have a Crisis Management Manual/Guide?
13) During a crisis, who are the three priority audiencees identified in the communication process?
14) Regarding the previous question, please rank the three publics identified in terms of their importance, 1 being the most important and 3 being the least.
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15) In a crisis situation, does your organization have a procedure for informing employees about the situation?
16) During a crisis, how does your organization monitor employees’ inquiries?
17) Does your organization have a structured risk mitigation process (risk management, issues management, etc.)?
18) If you answered yes to the previous question, what areas/departments participate in this process? (please mark all that apply)
19) How do you feel about the statement, “The CEO’s profile directly impacts the success of the communications process during a crisis”. Would you say you:
20) During a crisis, which area has the most power/influence in the decision-making process?
21) To what degree do you think employees should participate in the crisis management and crisis communication processes?
22) Please feel free to include any other comments you may have regarding employee communication and crisis management.
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