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Techbuilt House Survey (updated)
This is a new and simplified form for my ongoing Techbuilt research and survey. Having the locations of Techbuilt houses plays an important role in understanding their growth and distribution. This shorter form has fewer questions but requires the address fields be filled in, so please provide an address or nearest cross street if submitting one that you are unsure of the address.

Honoring the privacy of the homeowner is important to me and has lead me to the decision to keep the house locations confidential. The data gathered will be shared with one, perhaps two, other Techbuilt researchers with this understanding. While I will make and share maps to explore the distribution of houses, I will not be making any public interactive maps that allow for zooming into a specific location.

I am still collecting anything and everything related to these houses, so if you have photos, plans or ephemera that you would like to share, please send images/scans to These materials, too, will be treated as confidential. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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