CU Well Focus on Fitness - SPRING 2016
SPRING 2016 classes run Monday, January 18th through Friday, April 29th.

Please note that classes will be subject to the instructors' availability, facility hours and the availability of lifeguards. We reserve the right to cancel a session for any reason including lack of participation. Your instructor will communicate any cancellations to the group.

All classes are FREE to Colgate employees and their spouses/domestic partners and will be given registration preference. Non-Colgate participants should contact Andrew Turner (315-228-7059 or for information. Classes are sponsored by the Human Resources Department's CU Well Program and the Trudy Fitness Center.

Focus on Fitness fee schedule for non-Colgate participants per semester and summer:
One class per week $30.00
Two classes per week $60.00
Three classes per week $85.00
Five classes per week $125.00

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Assumption of Risk and Release for Colgate University Focus on Fitness Classes
I understand that participation in the wellness classes offered at Colgate University is at my own risk. I understand that in the event of an injury, I must personally accept the responsibility for the full expense of medical attention as well as other expenses arising out of such injury. I will take full responsibility for monitoring my heart rate and will adjust my exercises to keep within my proper target range. I assume full responsibility to discontinue any exercise that causes abnormal pain, and will consult the class leader about substituting an appropriate alternate exercise. I represent that I am in good physical health, and have appropriate medical insurance in the event that I need medical attention. I understand that prior to participating in any physical activity, I should consult a physician. If I have had any recent physical problem or surgery, particularly of the joints or muscles, I will take full responsibility for consulting a physician before beginning this program. I release and hold Colgate University and its Board of Trustees, officers and employees harmless from any claims or liabilities for personal injuries or other damages incurred by me, whether or not resulting from their negligence, as a result of such participation.
BOOTCAMP - Instructor: Mary Thomas
All classes will target all 4 components of fitness : flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and muscular endurance. Routines are challenging but not complicated. Each class will consist of a warm-up and total body stretch, several cycles of 4-5 exercises including basic cardio exercises designed to increase heart rate and muscular endurance exercises designed to increase muscular strength and endurance. Classes will end with a final cool down and stretch. We will use fitness balls, hand weights, body bars and other fitness equipment during class. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME.
SHRED - Instructor: Sean Boise
A moderate to high intensity, class that combines weighted exercises with cardio and core movements for a full body workout. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME.
YOGA - Instructor: Kerry Koen
Noontime yoga consists of a practice of slow movement postures (asanas) and breathing designed for body work and mental focus. It is open to all levels and is an opportunity for participants to refresh by pulling their awareness inward. Mats available to use and wear loose clothing. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME.
DEEP WATER AEROBICS - Instructor: Suzie Meres
Class includes a wide variety of water exercises that provide cardiovascular conditioning, toning, strengthening of muscles and will focus on non-impact aerobic movements, core stabilization, and stretching techniques for all ability levels. Equipment provided and exercise to music.
INTERVAL STRENGTH - Instructor: Sean Boise and Andrew Turner
A class focused on fitness conditioning and strength development through weight training exercises and cardio interval training. The class with be moderately challenging and incorporates full body strength training, circuit training and core exercises. BRING A WATER BOTTLE and move at a pace that challenges you. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME.
SPINNING - Instructor: Tracy Kelly
A great way to get in an intense workout, burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME.
ZUMBA - Instructor: Marni Manwarren
Join the dance fitness party that includes music and rhythms from all over the world!! It’s exercise in disguise! For all levels, it’s a total body workout that will leave you feeling energetic, awesome and ready to take on the afternoon!
COLGATE 13 or CROSSFIT - Instructor: Becky Gough
Alternating schedule each week between the two classes. Colgate 13 is a combination of 13 movements: 1 rep of the 1st, 2 reps of the 2nd, 3 reps of the 3rd...! Crossfit will include bouts of high intensity movements with weights.
50 Minute Flow - Instructor: Becky Gough
This moderately paced yoga class will help reinvigorate you midday. A combination of movement and strength postures is a great way to actively recover and lengthen your body. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME.
SPINERVALS - Instructor: Becky Gough
Spin class combined with bouts of bodyweight and weight resisted movements. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME.
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