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✈ What's Brewing 2019 Volunteer Application ✈
18-19th October
The best crew
For the 6th time we call upon the best cast of people ever, to reunite and make What´s Brewing what it´s become famous for: our fun, happy, helpful super volunteers. Seriously, the breweries fucking love you guys. And so do we!

This year we have the great Malene Kolnes working as our Volunteer Co-ordinator. You can contact her at

✈ This years theme is taste the world
✈ We need all types of volunteers in a number of positions at a number of times - before, during and after the festival.
✈ If there is a position you think you are particularly qualified for, please explain to us your area of expertise on the comments section.
✈ If you have any special requirements please let us know beforehand so we can achieve this in the best possible way.

We are going to be organizing volunteers similar to what was done last year. This means that you will be organized into teams that are responsible for each room. We have six different teams and rooms during the festival, and these will be located in different areas of Tou Scene, from the entrance to loftet. The tasks will vary from bartending, running, cleaning, hospitality, etc.You do not need any previous experience to be a volunteer at this festival - everyone is welcome! ❀

There will be an orientation before the festival so that you can meet the rest of your team, and figure out what you´re doing and probably even drink some beer.

In exchange for your generous time you´ll get:

1. Food during your shift at the festival
2. A day pass for every 10 volunteer hours - work one day at the festival, get ticket to the other day. Or a weekend pass - working 3 days building up/tearing down.
3. A volunteer t-shirt.
4. Access to the volunteer after-party
5. An awesome time!

If you would like to volunteer at What's Brewing 2019, please fill out the following information.
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We cannot accommodate everyone in their preferred times, but we'll do our best. And make sure you can work the whole shift that you sign up for. The Friday and Saturday shifts start at 13.00.
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