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#TamanTugu: QS & Engineers Needed
It has become a norm that a mega project funded by public fund is announced and a huge figure is quoted. Since public projects in Malaysia are implemented behind a wall of opacity and the public does not have a clue what goes on, Malaysia is sarcastically known as a country where people build mega infrastructures with no intention to maintain them because the money is in the construction. Let's stop this and be vigilant on how Putrajaya spends our money. We need Quantity Surveyors (QS), engineers, conservationists, planters and agro industrialists to help us go through the initial plan for #TamanTugu and ascertain whether the cost makes sense. Join #QS_Rakyat now.
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I agree that this information is solely for the purpose of #QS_Rakyat i.e. an independent and voluntary team of QS, engineers and project related professionals that peruse and estimate the cost of selected public projects; and is coordinated by National Oversight & Whistleblowers (NOW) working with Rafizi Ramli, Member Parliament of Pandan.
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