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AI Educator Pipeline: Learning to Teach Legislative Advocacy Program Application
About Advocacy Institute (AI)
The Advocacy Institute was founded in 2013 to transform the legislative landscape in New York for justice and dignity. Our growing portfolio of interrelated strategies supports legislative advocacy campaigns to shift power and—with our members and partners—forge a statewide movement with more political influence, resilience, resources, and concrete legislative wins.

Our theory of movement-building posits that a nuanced understanding of the legislative process and players—and the skills to operate effectively within the ever-changing and often arcane legislative landscape—are prerequisites to building the movement’s lasting power, infrastructure, and capability to achieve legislative victories at the city and state levels.

About AI Educator Pipeline: Learning to Teach Legislative Advocacy Program
Through the AI Educator Pipeline, we’ll impart Advocacy Institute’s best practices, developed over the past 8 years, to leaders who share our commitment to transforming the legislative landscape in New York for justice and dignity.

Our vision is to foster a more diverse group of social justice and movement building leaders, connected to each other and to Advocacy Institute, who can show up in their full dignity and power to lead and win campaigns at the state level. We’re launching this program at this critical moment in Albany’s history, to ensure that more of Advocacy Institute’s curriculum and tools can be shared more broadly -- to reach more social justice organizations and to be leveraged in more campaigns.

The Pipeline is an opportunity for AI Educators to deepen their existing understanding of, and build confidence in newer areas, of legislative advocacy. Using our curriculum and tools, AI Educators will gain expertise in, among other things, breaking down opaque legislative systems, negotiating bills, and leading effective legislative meetings.

At the Advocacy Institute, we hold that our identities impact how we present ourselves and how we are perceived in the world. We’re committed to ensuring that advocates can bring their full identities to their advocacy work and ask our trainers to do the same. Sharing about identities and how privilege and oppression show up in legislative advocacy will be key components of the Pipeline.

Another unique part of the Advocacy Institute’s approach, is how we center authentic relationship building. AI Educators will deepen their existing understanding of how to build effective relationships with elected officials and the various types of staff and teach others to do so.

We also value deeply the importance of presence as a facilitator -- the ability for our teaching teams to be open, present, and connected with themselves, each other, and the room. We hold ourselves to high standards in terms of our ability to navigate conversations about privilege and oppression, deliver complex Advocacy Institute content in accessible ways, and center relationship building and interdependence.

These values are woven into our Educator Pipeline, and our a critical component of any AI teaching team.Though our Educator Pipeline will not be a somatics training, we will use a few select somatic practices from Strozzi Institute and generative somatics to deepen the ability of participants to

• Be open, present, and connected
• Connect with others
• Coordinate with others
• Give and receive assessments

Our commitment is that AI Educators will expand their teaching and facilitation skills and assist in the further and more rapid dissemination of Advocacy Institute curriculum and tools, both through the organizations where they work and through AI training rooms.

We are explicitly looking to recruit people of color, queer folks, people of varying abilities, and gender non-comforming people to deepen their skills and leadership in the legislative advocacy arena.

What you’ll get out of the AI Educator Pipeline: Learning to Teach Legislative Advocacy Program
Participating in the AI Educator Pipeline: Learning to Teach Legislative Advocacy Program is an exciting professional development opportunity to:

**Gain a depth of knowledge in Advocacy Institute’s curriculum on legislative advocacy and bring parts of it back to your community or organization
**Add tools in your toolbox to support the leadership you are already holding in your advocacy and organizing work
**Sharpen the skills you already have, develop new skills, acquire new tools, and become a part of a powerful engaged network of advocates who have a shared analysis and framework. This will make you more effective and powerful at the work you do now and are valuable tools and resources to take with you as you advance your career -- whether in the non-profit or government sector.

Plus you'll develop your facilitation skills to:

• Learn teaching strategies that make complex information accessible
• Learn about maintaining a compelling presence and holding a room
• Learn to handle controversy, contradiction, and difficult conversations about oppression and privilege in group settings

This is an opportunity to become part of the AI Teaching Team, which can take many forms (from a 3-hour training to a 3-day training) and is not guaranteed by participation in the program

Program Details and Logistics
Program Requirements:

• Attend training sessions in New York City
• Attend all six in-person trainings (One emergency exception (family, health, work emergency) with the expectation to meet one on one with a teacher and make up that time)
• Practice facilitation during in-person training sessions, receive feedback and self-assess
• Participate in one 90-minute webinar in between in-person sessions
• Attend two of the four training days the Advocacy Institute is holding in July in order to observe AI’s curriculum and teaching methods in action
• Complete homework assignments and practice teaching on your own or with a partner in between sessions
• Be enthusiastic about participating in a culture of assessment and be comfortable giving and receiving feedback
• Be enthusiastic about teaching in teams

Program Phases and Timeline:

Selection process (May - June)
• Applications accepted on a rolling basis with a final deadline of May 31
• Application interviews the week of June 3rd. Interviews will be booked during the following windows of time:
Tuesday June 4th between 1pm - 4pm
Thursday June 6th between 1pm - 4pm

Training program (August - Nov)
In-person fellowship trainings (must attend all):

June 18th-1-5pm
August 7th
August 8th
September 24th
September 25th
November 12th
November 13th

AI Training Observation (must attend 2 of 4):

July 11
July 18
July 23
July 25

Practice and homework between sessions

Possibility of paid facilitator work as an AI Trainer (a long-term pipeline) and/or opportunity to train members in your own organization

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