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Yearbook Feedback Survey
Please take a moment to answer a few questions in order to make our yearbook even better next year!
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Did you buy a yearbook this year? *
Do you know that yearbooks are a pre-sale item that you can start buying in August for a discounted price? *
Did you know that if you wait too long to buy a yearbook they might be sold out? *
Was your school ID photo (or Senior Portrait) included in the yearbook?
Was your name spelled correctly next to your school ID photo?
The yearbook is a student production and there may be little mistakes throughout. Explain any issues with the yearbook that you would like to see improved in the future.
We are always looking for more help! Are you interested in joining the yearbook staff or volunteering your time to help edit mistakes? If so, please enter your name and contact information in the space provided.
Do you have any additional questions about the production or sale of the MHHS Yearbook?
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