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Round 3 - Heidelberg Enduro (17 June 2017)
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UNDERTAKING: I have read, understand and agree to comply with the GCR's, SSR's and SR's, and am familiar with all the rules and penalties pertaining to this event and agree that my entry, bike, protective clothing, fuel containers, environmental mat and fire extinguisher all comply with MSA requirements. I and my crew/supporters agree to the NO SMOKING, NO ALCOHOL and NO FIRES in the pit area rule and undertake to keep our pit area clean and remove all rubbish and containers when leaving. I also understand the implications of 'Responsibility of Competitor' per the above regulations. DRUG FREE DECLARATION: I hereby confirm that I am familiar with the schedule of prohibited drugs/ performance enhancing substances as released by MSA from time to time and that I am aware of the requirement for random drug testing. I confirm that I have not participated in the use of any of these substances.
Rider undertakes to advise race organisers of any medication racer is taking, or of any recent procedure or current medical situation of racer.
Account name: T Bone Racing
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Branch code: 203809
Account number: 62584641635


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