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Kitty Hawk Air Society is full of smart students who are at your service to help.
We can find you a tutor for any subject!
Here is a reference of our exhaustive list of tutors and the many subjects they can help you in:

We can help with any elective, whether it be engineering, small animal management, floral design, etc.

Many of our tutors can also help with other skills such as: time management, organization, study skills, Advanced Placement/Dual Credit advice, sophomore JROTC leadership project, 30 Basic/Drill, PSAT/SAT help, proofreading, etc.

Let us know what you need help in and we will match you with a tutor within three or four days.
If you need emergency help for a project or test, reference our linked list above with phone numbers or contact your flight commander who can solicit help from the rest of Kitty Hawk.
(Fun Fact: 100% of Group Staff is in Kitty Hawk and 10 of the 15 flight commanders and deputies are also in Kitty Hawk)

If you have further questions and want to contact the Kitty Hawk Board directly, you can email or communicate with your flight commander.

If we are unable to find you a tutor through JROTC, consult National English Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Science National Honor Society, French National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, Chinese National Honor Society, German National Honor Society, and National Social Studies Honor Society. They all offer specialized tutoring throughout the week.
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Do you have a deadline for a test/project, essay, or homework assignment or do you need general help?
If you are a freshman, are you able to get to the senior campus?
Where are you most comfortable being tutored?
If you are a senior, please indicate if you have early release or late arrival.
This will be kept confidential, only communicated to the tutor- Do you have any learning challenges you want a tutor to be aware of or experienced helping in (like ADHD or dyslexia)? We do not make guarantees but we will try our best!
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